Live Tracking City Buses

Vehicle Tracking & Passenger Information System (VTPIS)

GPS based Vehicle Mounted Unit(VMU) IS installed in each bus. Trip details of the bus are loaded in the VMUs. After the bus starts, the geographical positional coordinates (Latitude and Longitude) of the bus captured by VMU are transmitted to the Central Data Center every ten seconds, through SIM card installed in the VMU.

The estimated time of arrival of the bus at the subsequent stages will be calculated by the application server at the Data Center. This information will then be sent to the LED/LCD displays provided at bus stops, through GPRS network. This information is then displayed by the Display Unit. Schematic diagram of the functionality is given hereunder:

Vehicle Mounted Unit (VMU)

VMU captures the current location of the bus through built-in GPS receiver chip.

The position data is sent to the Central Data Centre using GSM/GPRS Communication.

VMU is connected to In-bus display and Speakers for display and announcement of current stop and next stop.

VMU has panic keys for emergency situations like accidents and break downs.

In-bus LED Display and announcement

In bus display board is placed in the bus behind the Driver position.

It will display the Current stage and Next stage to the passengers.

In bus announcement of the current stage and next stage will occur paralelly through speakers.

In bus Camera & Mobile DVR

The Camera records the activities in the bus. It has got capability for night recording also

The captured video record is stored in the Mobile Digital Video Recorder.

The M-DVR is capable of storing four days record. The memory card can be taken out and the video recorded can be downloaded to a PC for investigation.

LED Display at Bus Shelter

LED Display boards are provided at important city bus shelters to display Route No, Bus No,, Type of Bus and Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) of the buses coming to the shelter in next 30 minutes

The Server will communicate with the LED Boards using General packet radio service (GPRS) technology. Latest ETA information will be updated every ten seconds