Live Tracking City Buses
    • What is VTPIS?

      VTPIS means vehicle Tracking & Passenger information System. VTPIS project is aimed at providing real time bus arrival information to commuters, increasing commuter safety, reducing operational costs and improving operational efficiency by installing GPS tracking device inside the bus. At present the project is implemented in all city Metro type buses of Vijayawada, Visakapatnam and Tirupati cities and all special type buses being operated on routes Vijayawada to Tirupati/Bangalore/Chennai and Hyderabad to Bangalore via Kurnool.

    • What are the benefits of VTPIS?

      The important benefits are:

      o Providing real time information of bus arrivals to passengers through LED Display boards installed at bus stops.

      o Providing real time information of bus arrivals through mobile app, SMS and portal.

      o Live tracking of buses.

      o Quick assistance to commuters in case of bus breakdown & accident.

    • What information can I get from VTPIS?

      VTPIS will provide time information of bus arrival at bus stop through SMS , Mobile App (Android) and commuter portal at specific bus stop location. VTPIS helps the commuters to plan the trip to the bus stop and reduce the waiting times by knowing the expected time of arrival (ETA) of the buses at the particular bus stop.

    • How accurate are the predictions?

      Predictions on Expected time of arrival (ETA) are accurate by + or - 5minutes.

    • How much does it cost for SMS?

      For querying the ETA, the SMS cost is as per your SMS plan. APSRTC is not charging for sending the requested ETA to your mobile phone.